Partner of LinkedIn in Sub-Saharan Africa with more than 10 years experience.

More than 10 years experience offering clients complete parity of product knowledge, operational know-how, saving on money and time, and delivering on better ROI. Our platforms compensates us for the work we do. Deal with knowledgeable experts on the ground, in your markets, rather than having to sift through online FAQ’s and unanswered email addresses.

We offer Credit Terms rather than managing a credit card allowing flexible budget and spend limits.

Run ads to a limit for up to 45 days prior to payment. The spend of previous month is calculated and an invoice is sent and payment is required. This allows flexible budget and spend limit which is specified during the application and credit check.

Fixed Exchange Rate Stability

Booking with a credit card, regardless of the account’s set currency, the campaigns are converted to USD. We work with a set flat rate, meaning the currency fluctuation is removed from the equation and the risk of bid fluctuatios are also removed.

Support Services

We ensure to utilise the platform for our clients in the best manner. We offer clients campaign management, optimisation, troubleshooting, optimisation secrets and best practices as well as onboarding support and contact services.

Product Insight

Learn about new products and developments months before anyone else, get training on these products and, depending on your performance, you could be considered for exclusive beta trials of new products.

Unique Targeting Opportunities

Gain access to unique audience insights and custom audiences such as Business Travelers and Mass Affluent.

Workshop and Vertical Education

Spend time with thought leaders and receive key insights into clients verticals, social leaderships, content marketing and more.

Incentive Structures

Turn Left Media has a number of initiatives to incentivise your spending with us for both managed and self-managed accounts of a certain value. Benefits could include value-added inventory, first access to new product releases, custom reporting and more. Let’s set up to discuss this in more detail!

Unique and Exclusive Insights and Reporting (by request)

  • Competitor Analysis (Share of View Reporting)
  • Competitor Analysis (Share of View Reporting)
  • Company page follower and visitor insights
  • Audience analyser
  • Trending content
  • Benchmarking reports
  • Campaign performance reporting

BBBEE Points Allocation

Media spend against international entities such as Facebook or LinkedIn, when done through a credit card doesn’t qualify for BBBEE points. Turn Left Media has the relevant certification so all your LinkedIn spend can be allocated fully for procurement spend.