Turn Left Media, and Africa, win big at LinkedIn’s Partner Connect 2020

by | 13 Mar, 2020 |

Africa, Kenya, and female professionals, you’ve had a BIG win at this year’s LinkedIn Marketing Partner Connect Awards!

Held in London, England, the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (LMS) Partner Connect Awards brings together LMS sales, API, and content partners from all around the world to recognise excellence.

This year, Africa, Kenya, and most importantly, female professionals, stood tall and proud with their showcase of outstanding achievement. For the Sub-Saharan Africa representatives of Turn Left Media, it was a double win as they proudly accepted the award for Best Social Impact Team and Thought Leader of the Year.

The newly introduced Social Impact award recognised a partner determined to bring about social change in their region. Amongst other initiatives on the African continent, Turn Left Media took home this award for their ongoing support of the SAME foundation in helping develop and build science and computer laboratories in Cape Town’s townships. The impact has been overwhelmingly positive for young school goers desperate for future economic opportunity.

But the real star of the evening was Nelly Ndonye from Turn Left Media Kenya, who walked away with “Thought Leader of the Year,” awarded to an individual who went above and beyond in evangelizing the LinkedIn brand in the market they operate. Nelly was recognised for building the strength of the LinkedIn brand in Kenya by taking available brand insights and combining them with her own in market knowledge. With the backing of GoGaga, Nelly did this by communicating with all relevant stakeholders in Kenya, from senior executives and leadership to all levels of the advertising and marketing industry. Competing against partners in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, Nelly’s success has shown to be a proud achievement and way for Africa to be recognised.

Furthermore, Nelly’s recognition for her hard work is a proud moment for the Kenyan marketing industry standing tall on the continent. Perhaps the most important of all, was that Nelly’s recognition was a major win for female professionals. In a world where gender inequality in the corporate world is being highlighted, Nelly shone brightly, setting an example for all women in or about to enter the workplace!

Well done to an authentic African female professional!


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