The A to Z of LinkedIn marketing

Hello Marketers

When I started working with LinkedIn in 2011, the platform globally had just over 80M+ members, 5M+ in Africa, and a staggering 850k in South Africa.

Life was more straightforward, programmatic hadn’t surfaced yet, and traditional banners still drove the majority of LinkedIn’s advertising growth.

Today, LinkedIn is a powerhouse social media platform, connecting almost 800M members across 200 countries and growing with three new members every second. As a platform, LinkedIn created economic opportunities for the global workforce, and for marketers, it generates leads, drives website traffic and builds brand awareness.

Marketing on LinkedIn helps you engage a community of professionals to drive relevant actions to your business.

LinkedIn offers markets the ultimate trifecta for building on your objectives. LinkedIn connects you with the right professional audiences, allowing you to drive meaningful engagement in environments that yields results.

However, with this growth comes added complexity both in the marketing world and with LinkedIn in particular. As LinkedIn’s marketing solutions grow and introduce new features, the jargon used becomes more convoluted every day. Turn Left Media has created the ultimate glossary of terms to empower you to build your strategy.

Knowing and understanding these #terms in our #LinkedInopedia is essential for every marketer to enter the brand-building lexicon and effectively use LinkedIn. If you ever feel unsure about marketing on LinkedIn,
Turn Left Media can assist.

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Marius Greef

Good luck on your
LinkedIn journeys!

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