Simple and Easy Tips to Grow your LinkedIn Page Followers

Creating a LinkedIn company page is the easiest part of putting your company on the map; the actual work and effort are getting people to follow your Page, engage with your content, and stay on and return to your Page.

Social media has demonstrated that it is one of the most effective communication channels for businesses across all industries.

Globally, B2Bs are leveraging this surge in social media to attract the right customers at the right time.

With over 600 000 members, LinkedIn is the largest professional social media platform and the best way to reach professionals anddecisionmakers.

It should be your first choice when marketing content related to B2B or B2C on social media. LinkedIn’s professional focus and structure is ideal for thought leadership and makes it a perfect network for users to share professional insights.

At Turn Left Media, we focus on helping you grow your pages and have researched and prepared this review of unpaid functionalities that will help you grow your Page strategically and quickly.

Many of these will give you immediate results, whereas others may take sustained effort over months to pay off. Remember to reference our The A to Z of LinkedIn Marketing for deeper insights.

As a marketer, you need to understand the expanding lexicon of LinkedIn terms to use and see results on LinkedIn effectively. This playbook explores simple and effective ways to attract LinkedIn followers.

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