Mastering Targeting on LinkedIn

Recruiting is on the rise, but it’s also changing

Our mission is to help African brands connect to, and build, economic opportunities. Focused on representing only the best in digital platforms Turn Left Media exclusively represents LinkedIn, the world’s’ largest professional social network across Sub-Saharan Africa.

To help you on this journey we’re sharing some of their playbook content with you so that you’re on top of the best practice intelligence out there. Targeting the right audiences could not be more important than in todays climate. We have to manage budgets, we must align communication with sales cycles, we need to understand the buying decision makers, and we need to deliver an ROI. So if we get our targeting wrong we have set ourselves up for failure.

On LinkedIn there are over 700 million registered members that are engaging and connecting with other professionals every day. These members understand the power of LinkedIn in helping them connect with like-minded professionals and they understand why it’s important to represent your true business profile.  For this reason LinkedIn has arguably the best targeting capabilities of any social media or big data business out there. But applying the capabilities  is easier said than done.

That’s why this playbook is worth its weight in gold of you want to target on LinkedIn like a marketing guru.  ‘Mastering targeting on LinkedIn” is an exceptional best practice book that will leave you with the confidence meet the communication objectives you planned for from brand awareness to lead generation . Within it you’ll learn how LinkedIn’s targeting works, how you can access matched audiences and use your own account based marketing tools, and gather some tips on how to optimize your targeting strategy.  With all of  the LinkedIn product engineering rolling out we’ll be sure to keep updating it but for now its spot on for your targeting needs.

Be sure to look out for more of our books we plan to print or share with you for download.



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