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Higher Education’s environment is rapidly evolving. Adult learners now seek more flexible learning options than ever before, changing the competitive environment for education marketers as Future learning will be centered on flexibility and personalisation.

Brands will become much more crucial for educational institutions, and Alternative suppliers are already using new business models.

In this webinar, we will talk to LinkedIn and Industry experts to uncover the trends shaping the industry. Discover how to best use products and tools across LinkedIn to connect to more prospective students and generate a high volume of leads and what existing customers are doing to succeed.

During the hour, we’ll cover:

?‍? Insights, trends and shifts that LinkedIn sees in the higher education vertical

?‍? How the Higher Education audience looks like and behaves across Africa

?‍? Discover new ways to engage and nurture prospects and students, and alumni

?‍? Conversations with leading education marketers

Watch the full video here:


Quotes from our speakers


Area of Focus: Marketing
Products & Features: Brand building, Targeting, Client Value
Type: Webinar
Industry: Higher Education


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