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Why do so many brands and businesses try to get a life-long commitment out of their audiences without
trying to get to know them first?

What would you do if someone asked you to marry them on a first date? How could they ask you that when they don’t know your preferred milk-to-tea ratio, your family tree, or your favourite football team? Never mind shared interests; they’d need to figure out your common dislikes before any form of courtship could lead toa question of that magnitude. We’re guessing you’d most likely give them a resounding “NO!”

Businesses need to spend more time wooing their audience and figuring out what they want before the “Buy Now”, “Subscribe”, and “Book Today” are pushed into
the conversation.
You could take every single potential customer you have for a coffee, get to know them better and figure out their purchasing triggers… Or, if you don’t have time for that, there’s another way for you to get to know them much, much better.

Turn Left Media has compiled a guide to help you understand Kenya’s LinkedIn members’ mindsets, lifestyles, aspirations, and needs. It’s essentially a relationship cheat sheet to get to know your Kenyan audience far more intimately. Utilising LinkedIn and GWI data, we’ve uncovered the biggest insights into the LinkedIn member in Kenya.

GWI is the leading audience targeting the company for the global marketing industry. They’ve been delivering game-changing insights to all the agencies, media organisations and brands you know and love since 2009. GWI provides independent research, and data is derived from Kenya’s online internet users and not the entire population.

Data is from response waves in Q3 2021 to Q2 2022, and the sample sizes are 3.6k Kenyan online internet users representing a universe of 21M.

The LinkedIn sample size was 1.7k users, or 47.2% of the sample population.When it comes to growing your brand, business, and LinkedIn profile, what could be more valuable than nderstanding what makes LinkedIn members tick?

Good Luck on your LinkedIn journeys!

Area of Focus: Marketing
Products & Features: Employer Brand, Brand building, Targeting
Type: Playbook
Industry: All


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