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The talent community has seen massive changes over the past two years. From the implications of working from home on the workforce, quiet quitting, and the candidate journey to the pivots that have had to be made on employer branding strategies, many challenges have been faced. Watch as  Turn Left Media, The Social Craft, and LinkedIn explore the fast-paced and competitive landscape of Employer Branding and talent attraction.


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? A view into LinkedIn’s thinking around Employer Brand, talent attraction and success they see globally

? What content strategies resonate well today with potential employees

? Panel discussion with leading thinkers across the vertical


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? Business Leaders and HR professionals

? Marketers and agencies charged with driving employer brand programs in the business

? Professionals interested in learning about Employer Brand


Watch the full video here:

Quotes from our speakers


Area of Focus: Marketing
Products & Features: Employer Brand, Brand building, Targeting, LinkedIn Product Roadmap
Type: Webinar
Industry: All


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