Advanced Strategies for Healthcare Marketers


Our mission is to help African brands connect to, and build, economic opportunities. Focused on representing only the best digital platforms Turn Left Media exclusively represents LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network. With the COVID Pandemic, there has never been a bigger and better opportunity for healthcare marketers to amplify their purpose and use their specialized knowledge to prioritize efforts that will meet the community’s needs. Healthcare will always remain important to our global community.

The LinkedIn Mission is simple: connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive. This is also the primary goal of the healthcare industry. LinkedIn’s deep understanding of the healthcare space is backed by first-party data and tools that advance healthcare marketers’ strategies and provide a trusted platform to engage relevant audiences in meaningful ways. With Healthcare Workers in South Africa (140 000), Kenya (49 000) and Nigeria (100 000), the following playbook will provide healthcare marketing professionals – from social media marketers to healthcare execs. – the insights and ideas needed to build advanced healthcare marketing strategies.



Area of Focus: Marketing
Products & Features: Brand building
Type: Playbook
Industry: Healthcare


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