Landing Pages Best Practices

by | 9 Nov, 2021 |

Are you one of the thousands of LinkedIn marketers who’ve been trying to figure out how to create a Landing Page but somehow can’t and have little idea why they are so important?

In this article, we will take you through creating a Landing Page in Campaign Manager to generate leads for your business or hiring needs.

What are Landing Pages? They are a talent lead generation tool that works across Campaign Manager and Recruiter to help you reach, engage, and convert talent leads at scale.

They are standalone pages that you can link to from your ads. Landing Pages are available to all Campaign Manager accounts where the corresponding Company Page has an active Recruiter contract.

Landing Pages replaces Pipeline Builder

  • Landing Pages help customers reach, engage, and convert talent leads at scale.
  • Available as a self-serve product in campaign manager
  • No longer need to reach Zendesk for pipeline builder page provisioning.
  • Retains access to all historical Pipeline Builder pages.

To access Landing Pages, you must create a campaign Manager account or get invited to an existing account.

When you first access Pipeline Builder from your LinkedIn Page admin view, you can create a new ad account if needed or select from existing ad accounts associated with your LinkedIn Page.

Your previous Pipeline Builder pages will be accessible as Landing Pages from all ad accounts associated with your LinkedIn Page.

Once you’ve linked your historical Pipeline Builder with an ad account, you’ll be able to view, create, and manage your Landing Pages from the Account Assets tab in Campaign Manager.

With Campaign Manager, you can also create talent lead campaigns to drive traffic to your Landing Pages.

Leads generated from your Landing Pages can be actioned within your Recruiter account.

Here’s how to create your Landing Page 

  • Sign into Campaign Manager.
  • Click the correct account name.
  • Click the Account Assets tab at the top of the page and select Landing Pages.
  • Click the Create page button in the top left corner of the table.
  • Select a template and click Next.
  • Complete the page setup, including the Header, Description, Media, Recruiter, People, and Company overview. Required fields are indicated with a * icon to the right of the name.
  • Click Publish.

Mange you Landing Page Leads

The Pipeline tab can send InMail outreach to leads via the “Message” button; you can progress candidates through the process via the “Move to” button.

Note: From the Pipeline tab, you can “Share for Review”, which allows you to share chosen leads with your teammates/the hiring manager (once they have a Hiring Manager seat).

If you want to transfer leads into an existing project, you must click on their profile and add them via the Projects icon.


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