Competitor Analytics to help marketers create a competitive advantage

by | 22 Oct, 2021 |

LinkedIn has launched a new feature, Competitor Analytics. This comes after the professional network recently removed the Companies to Track widget. Competitor Analytics will allow users to create competitive content for businesses and make more informed decisions.

Competitor Analytics can be better defined as a way or tool of identifying your competitors, distinguishing their needs, powers, and vulnerability compared to yours.

Why Competitor Analytics?

Available on the desktop version, the new feature permits page admins to keep track of followers and organic content metrics of the business and its direct competitors. Unlike the previous iteration of competitor analytics, brands can now select the businesses they would like to track and compare themselves against. This is limited to 10 competitors at present.

This will have an impact on how businesses create content and have a better understanding of their followers.

How to access Competitor Analytics? 

You can access the new feature by completing the following steps (currently available for a limited group of users):

Open your LinkedIn Page

      • Find the Analytics tab.
      • Select Competitors from the drop-down menu
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From here, you will see two main metrics available for you to monitor.

      • Follower metrics – show total followers and new followers gained over a specific time range.
      • Organic content metrics – show data about the performance of your Page’s updates in a certain period.

You can click the value in the Total engagement column to see the Reactions, Comments, and Shares breakdown. And we cannot lie; we will miss the Engagement Rate comparison.

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What do you gain from this new feature? 

You will now be able to keep track of your competitor’s progress and growth and where you stand compared to your designated peer set. This takes away the tedious work of manual research, which often has some missing information. With Competitor Analytics, there will be no stone left unturned and no information falling through the cracks.

The Competitor Analytics tab will change how you see your own business and how you compete with others.


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