The Shoprite Group, one of South Africas biggest retailers with over 2300 stores across Africa, set out to attract critical tech skills and build a pipeline of a Solutions Architects. These individuals needed to possess the relevant technical digital skills but also were required to be dynamic, eager learners and team players.

Using a full funnel strategy on LinkedIn, with sponsored content and pipeline builder we were able to deliver on the objective of generating talent leads for the Shoprite group at a time and cost efficient rate.



Using the LinkedIn platform and our unique and best practice full funnel approach was used to not only reposition a traidiotnal retailer to tech talent, but also to convert candidates outside of the brands current eco-system from being unaware of the brand as a potential employer, to engaged and ready to convert and apply for the oppourtunity, all within a 3,5 week sprint


The funnel comprised of 3 pieces of design work, AB testing different variants of the creative, using best practice with 60% of the budget and creative focussing on awareness and engagement. The initial awareness piece assisted in repositioning by highlighting the recently acclaimed success of the Checkers Sixty60 app.

This objective of this piece was to generate interest in the brand and create awareness of the exciting potential of working at Shoprite within the IT and digital teams.

The awareness piece far outperformed pieces in the other parts of the funnel in almost every metric, beaten only by the engagement rate of the conversion piece – ensuring we were converting through the funnel maximising the budget at each level and bidding strategy.


  • Upon conclusion, the campaign had collected 47 leads, driving an average CTR of 2.41% and an average engagement rate of 3.29%.
  • Impressions 1,116 Clicks The conversion piece alone drove an average engagement rate of 5.37%.
  • Together the ads served 46, 377 impressions, drove 1,116 clicks, 1,038 social actions and the Shoprite page grew by 48 followers of key talent amongst industry leading employers and competing retailers.
INDUSTRY: Food & Beverages
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 10001+ employees
HQ LOCATION: South Africa


“LinkedIn has helped us reposition our brand and show that potential customers really can live the dream of driving a Jaguar.”

Roland Reid
Marketing Director
Jaguar South Africa

“The big attraction of LinkedIn is that it is a professional network. Our customers tend to be a little more serious and we want talk to them in a serious place which is attractive. That’s exactly what LinkedIn gives us.””

Roland Reid
Marketing Director
Jaguar South Africa
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