Renault Drives brand awareness with LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn’s innovative targeting capabilities, Renault created a buzz around their Duster launch with the right audiences.


The challenge

  • To create awareness and drive interest and leads for the Renault Duster relaunch

The Audience

  • Location: Kenya

  • Seniority: Owner, Partner, CXO, VP, Director, Manager

  • Age: 35- 54- 55+

The solution

  • Targeting the right audience, at the right time, in the right way.
  • Using seniority, age and geo LinkedIn served up a variety of Sponsored Content formats with Lead Generation Forms to the audiences that mattered.

The results

  • 140%+ increase above the LinkedIn automotive benchmark for both CTR and engagement.

  • In addition to this, the campaign generated 77 new followers.

  • The campaign was supposed to deliver 10 000 Impressions and 12 800 Impression were delivered thus the campaign delivered 28% value add

INDUSTRY: Automotive
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 10001+ employees


“We felt LinkedIn as a Leads Generating platform had the right target audience for our product.  The traffic generated to our website for LinkedIn eventually translated into sales”

Vera Atieno
Project Manager
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