Mastering master’s degree applications with LinkedIn

The South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) was established in 1997 and is South Africa’s leading provider of accredited qualifications in applied Psychology, Counselling and Coaching.

The Challenge

  • SACAP wanted to drive visitors/clicks to their website to encourage members to enroll for their master’s degree.
  • To accomplish this, the brand needed to identify qualified prospects in targeted segments with interests aligned with the Master’s course.
  • Target the prospects who have an affinity for or are most likely to become paying students.

The Audience

In 2022, members who are open to education engagement with education providers in EMEA on LinkedIn grew 86% year on year on LinkedIn.

66% of South African LinkedIn users earn a medium to very high income and 41% are more likely to have studied for an undergraduate degree, providing a fertile ground for prospective students.

  • SACAP selected members who were:
  • Location | South Africa
  • Custom Segment | Open to education
  • Degrees | Bachelor’s degree
  • Field of Study | Psychology

The Solution

  • Direct message ads were sent to SACAP’s target audience in South Africa.Sponsored Messaging drives 2X higher open rates and 2X as much engagement as traditional email.
  • This is because LinkedIn provides advertisers with the right audience, the right environment and the proper engagement.
  • Personalisation and relevance are two of the main benefits of the LinkedIn Sponsored Messaging Solutions.

By including LinkedIn in our campaigns, we are able to target relevant industries and qualifications to ensure minimal budget wastage in reaching relevant users.
– Laura Neal; Digital Campaign and Media Manager


INDUSTRY: Higher Education, , Psychology
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 10001+ employees
HQ LOCATION: South Africa


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