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For Louis Vuitton, a live-streamed fashion show is no mere substitute for the real thing – it’s far more than that. Since October 2019, the leading luxury brand has been making LinkedIn Live catwalk shows a centrepiece of its innovative engagement strategy on the platform, showcasing four new collections over the course of a year. It’s holistic creative strategy, developped in collaboration with KR Media, includes long-form video ads acting as previews of shows, and shorter films that drive engagement after them. Following the launch of its new men’s collection in Shanghai, this LinkedIn strategy engaged almost a million likely luxury buyers in just three days.

The challenge

  • Bring Louis Vuitton shows to a wider audience of luxury buyers and fashion aficionados
  • Engage audiences before, during and after the shows themselves
  • Build excitement around new collections
  • Grow follower numbers and affinity for the Louis Vuitton brand


Why LinkedIn?

  • The ideal environment, audience and mindset for luxury brands
  • Proven innovation partner for Louis Vuitton
  • Quality of engagement delivered by LinkedIn Live
  • Luxury affinity targeting to reach luxury buyers and those with an affinity for fashion

The solution

  • Live streaming of catwalk shows on LinkedIn Live
  • Three-phase campaigns incorporating preview films and sharing of video content following events, managed by KR Media
  • New LinkedIn Stories format (currently in Beta) drives in-the-moment engagement with collections

The results

  • Over the course of four LinkedIn Live shows, Louis Vuitton grew its LinkedIn follower numbers from 940,000 to 1.36 million, an increase of 45%

  • Content generated from the launch of its Virgil Abloh men’s collection in Shanghai generated over 1.5 million video views with an engagement rate of 1.5%

  • The show’s preview film delivered a view rate of 50%, with its post-event video content generating a completion rate of 19%

Reinventing the concept of the catwalk show with LinkedIn Live engaged millions of likely luxury buyers while growing the brand’s follower numbers by 45%

Captivating audiences
beyond the catwalk

By thinking beyond the show itself, Louis Vuitton is able to do more than just recreate the catwalk experience through LinkedIn Live.

For the launch of his men’s collection in Shanghai, creative director Virgil Abloh worked with the animator Reggie Know and alternative hip-hop group The SA-RA to create a teaser preview film 3 minutes 36 seconds long, which mixed animation and live action in an augmented reality style. The film featured animated characters encapsulating the spirit of Abloh’s designs and generated a view rate of over 50%. Following the show, Louis Vuitton dropped Abloh’s animated characters into LinkedIn Live footage to create post-event video content that generated a completion rate of 19%.

Extending the creative vision is one way that Louis Vuitton is expanding the concept of the catwalk show. Using luxury affinity targeting on LinkedIn is another. Louis Vuitton was able to reach beyond its existing LinkedIn community and target likely luxury buyers at scale. Content from the Shanghai show engaged almost a million of these luxury buyers and fashion aficionados in just three days.

Creative innovation
augments engagement

Louis Vuitton’s innovative use of LinkedIn stretches beyond video content. The brand has been a part of the Beta programme for LinkedIn stories, and has used this new format to drive in-the-moment engagement around the collections featured in its shows. Louis Vuitton’s Stories creative has included details of designs, invitations to augmented reality experiences, and art installations.

This commitment to creativity and extending the LinkedIn Live experience has delivered head-turning results. Over the course of its four live shows:

INDUSTRY: Luxury Goods & Jewellery
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 10001+ employees


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