LinkedIn drives engagement and followers for Ecowize

Ecowize, as a trusted partner in food safety and hygiene solutions, offers professional cleaning and hygiene management services and solutions to facilities across South Africa, across a range of industries.

The Challenge

The COVID pandemic resulted in an increased focus on hygiene and related topics. This precipitated an opportunity to speak to decision-makers about the benefit of working with Ecowize, but the challenge was finding a platform aimed towards the business professional, and away from the clutter of traditional communication channels.

LinkedIn provided this solution, specifically to

•To generate engagement, and,
•To gain new page followers.

The Audience

Ecowize targeted members in South Africa, using:

  • Company Industries,
  • Job Titles, and
  • Job Seniorities.

LinkedIn provides a unique ability to focus on various
Job Titles and Job Seniorities, such as:

  • Food Technologists,
  • Quality Control Microbiologists,
  • QA Specialists,
  • QA Assurance Managers, and
  • all senior/decision-maker roles across various industries

Lastly, they looked at a variety of Company Industries that were applicable too.

The Solution

A variety of Sponsored content formats was served to profile the Ecowize brand and educate the audience about their professional services.

Each content piece highlighted the issues faced by the industry and how Ecowize provide solutions to these with brushware, cleaning, chemical jobs, industrial equipment, pest control and others.

Boosting some of our organicposts from our company page meant that we could take posts that were doing well and just amplify them with paid media without any extra effort.
This meant that a far wider audience had the opportunity to engage with our content, resulting in both phenomenal follower growth and engagement rates.

Brett Osrin; Chief Executive Officer

INDUSTRY: , Facilities Services, Food and Safety
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 10001+ employees
HQ LOCATION: South Africa


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