Jaguar South Africa

Jaguar South Africa needed to modernise and energise their brand. The company wanted to engage with professional and business buyers to show that these prestigious cars are within their reach. So they created a Company Page on LinkedIn. Nearly a year later, they have more than 12,500 company followers, great insight into their customer base and a powerful social channel to boost their brand image.

Company Profile

Jaguar South Africa sells the famous sports cars and luxurious saloons. Since the company’s takeover by Tata Motors, the brand is reinventing itself with new vehicles and a new, more contemporary feel.



  • Overcome perceptions that Jaguar is a very elite brand with prices to match
  • Reposition the company to appeal to a broader audience
  • Showcase the cars in a professional, business context and position them as a real contenders to well-known German brands • Get information and insight about potential customers and their priorities


With this goal in mind, LinkedIn helped Jaguar and their agency Cyberkinetix to create a Company Page on LinkedIn as an online showroom for the brand and its cars. “The brand has gone through a major relaunch,” says Roland Reid, Marketing Director, Jaguar South Africa. “Jaguar is reinventing itself through its vehicles and we want people on the ground to be talking about the company and how it’s changed. We saw a large concentration of potential customers on LinkedIn,” explains Reid, noting LinkedIn’s status as the leading business networking site.

The page showcases the company’s cars and allows LinkedIn Members to recommend them to their network, producing a powerful viral endorsement for the brand. It also attracts followers who receive regular updates from the company. Potential customers can book a test drive directly from the page which has more than 12,500 followers and hundreds of recommendations.

The company recruits members using LinkedIn Ads, Sponsored Polls, targeted Sponsored InMail Messages ( Emails sent directly to a Member’s inbox from LinkedIn ) alongside other social media promotion and more conventional marketing.

Why LinkedIn?

  • The world’s largest professional network with 187M+ members

  • The ability to reach a high-value business audience, such as nanciers and C-level executives

  • The ability to generate earned media through recommendations

  • Precision targeting meaning Jaguar knew their message would be seen by just the right people

  • Free updates to company followers

  • Powerful analytics yield actionable data on member demographics and engagement

  • Detailed metrics provide proof of impact


  • 12,500+ company followers
  • 420+ Member recommendations
  • Viral social proof when Members recommend Jaguar cars to their network
  • Followers become brand advocates
  • Insight and feedback about potential customers
  • Helping to reposition the brand and reach new potential customers
INDUSTRY: Automotive
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 10001+ employees
HQ LOCATION: South Africa


“LinkedIn has helped us reposition our brand and show that potential customers really can live the dream of driving a Jaguar.”

Roland Reid
Marketing Director
Jaguar South Africa

“The big attraction of LinkedIn is that it is a professional network. Our customers tend to be a little more serious and we want talk to them in a serious place which is attractive. That’s exactly what LinkedIn gives us.””

Roland Reid
Marketing Director
Jaguar South Africa
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