360Suite makes Event Ads
its lead generation linchpin

For 360Suite, leads that start with quality engagement at virtual events are often the most valuable leads of all. The business helps customers with the adoption of business intelligence solutions, assessing cost, user adoption and data accessibility for different platforms. The extended time that its prospects spend with events, exploring how to increase the value of software from SAP and Tableau, ensures relevant, high-value conversations for sales. Streaming virtual events on LinkedIn Live and promoting them through Event Ads has dramatically accelerated the rate at which 360Suite can generate these quality leads, trebling event registrations and cutting cost per registration to just $19.


The challenge

  • Grow registrations for 360Suite’s series of virtual events exploring the value of its SAP BusinessObjects and Tableau applications
  • Reach and engage decision-makers in key verticals like finance, healthcare and government
  • Retarget and nurture those who engage
  • Generate Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) at scale

Why LinkedIn?

  • Engaging platform for virtual events
  • Event Ads providing compelling call to action
  • Ability to nurture those who register, post-event, with conversion-focused calls to action such as booking a demo
  • Quality of LinkedIn data ensures strong engagement with nurture content

The solution

  • Streaming virtual events on LinkedIn Live
  • Event Ads targeted by skills
  • Nurture registrants with follow-up content, while also retargeting those who engage but don’t register •
  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms capture nurtured leads from retargeting campaign

The results

  • Promoting events with Event Ads trebled registrations at a cost per registration of $19
  • Retargeting those who registered generated Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) at a cost per lead below $50
  • Events promoted on LinkedIn generated 632 SQLs in just six weeks
  • Email follow-up campaigns using LinkedIn data generate open rates of over 50%

Using Event Ads as the starting point for generating and nurturing leads has helped the business intelligence solutions provider generate more than 2,000 registrations and 632 Sales Qualified Leads in just six weeks.

Starting the lead generation journey
with engagement you can trust

360Suite’s marketing team has always prized the in-depth engagement that events provide and the confidence this gives them and their sales colleagues that they are nurturing leads with a real understanding and interest in their solutions. “When someone downloads an eBook, you don’t know for certain that they’ve read it,” says 360Suite’s Marketing Manager, Christophe Ochin. “But with an event that lead is so much warmer and you can have so much more trust about the level of interest and engagement you’re dealing with. That’s why it was so important for us to keep event-level engagement with our audiences, and the way that the LinkedIn platform and LinkedIn Live works is really effective.”

Over a six-week period, Christophe and his team scheduled seven events on LinkedIn, addressing different stages of the funnel from broader awareness to detailed walk-throughs of how the business can help customers to get more value from SAP and Tableau software. “We try to have a balance between broader events focused on industry topics and more bottom-funnel events featuring demonstrations,” says Christophe. “We use mostly skills targeting when promoting the events, because this enables us to reach beyond job title and engage a broader, relevant audience.”

The Event Ad difference

360Suite experimented with a range of different ad formats for promoting the events. However, Christophe soon discovered that Event Ads were the real game-changer. “Switching to Event Ads trebled our registrations and cut our cost per registration to $19,” he says. “The invite and connection features are really powerful and make it easier for us to integrate sales into the campaign.”

Creative testing helped to identify the most effective ways to apply the Event Ads format. “We discovered that when we include a run-down of the event agenda in the copy of the ad it performed much better, so we’ve made that best practice going forward,” says Christophe.

Besides increasing the number of registrations, Event Ads also provided Christophe with a trusted foundation for retargeting those interested in the event – and nurturing prospects to generate Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). By retargeting those who registered with on-demand video content and white papers, 360Suite was able to generate 632 SQLs in just six weeks,

INDUSTRY: Computer Software
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 51 - 100 employees
HQ LOCATION: North America

“Event Ads dramatically brought down the cost per registration for our events – and because the quality of data on LinkedIn is so high, we were able to run ongoing retargeting and nurture campaigns that translate this engagement into leads and revenue. Our email follow-up campaigns using LinkedIn data have generated open rates of over 50%. For all these reasons, we’re going to use Event Ads as our main vehicle for promoting events going forward.”

Christophe Ochin
Communication Manager

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